I woke up from the chill, we must of dozed off for about fifteen minutes, the air still smells of sweat and sex. June stirred in my arms and snuggled to find a more comfortable position between my chest and neck, “Mmmm… I need to get back”. I wasn’t sure what she had meant, could be that she had to get back to work or back to her boyfriend, regardless, it was a place that I didn’t want to go nor think about. For me it had just meant that it was time leave.

The carpeted floor felt hard against my shoulders and hips, my joints felt stiff from the cold. June was still hot and damp, she moved to sit up, with one arm propping her up and the other hand going through her hair. She turned around gave me a grin, her damp fringe clinging to her forehead, “How long were we out?”, “Wish I could sleep a little bit longer”, she stifled a yawn before covering her mouth.

June turned to stand up, my gaze followed her, from her loose locks draped over her naked shoulder, flowing down to the small of her back. Bright daylight from the partially closed curtains projected on her skin, the fine peach fuzz hair creating a halo effect on her light olive skin. She had Venusian dimples above her bottom. I had always mused that men would go to war for her captivating behind. She padded around collecting various bits of small clothing on the floor, bending over to pickup her underwear, I noticed a milky white streak flowing down her left inner thigh. As if she read my mind, she took a tissue from the dresser, folded it twice and pressed it against herself, “I’m on the pill”, she said in a matter of fact tone. The milky streak on her olive thighs stirred something in me, I had to have her again.


Author: Rhys

Arrived in Taipei in December 2016 as a contractor

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