I woke up from the chill, we must of dozed off for about fifteen minutes, the air still smells of sweat and sex. June stirred in my arms and snuggled to find a more comfortable position between my chest and neck, “Mmmm… I need to get back”. I wasn’t sure what she had meant, could be that she had to get back to work or back to her boyfriend, regardless, it was a place that I didn’t want to go nor think about. For me it had just meant that it was time leave.

The carpeted floor felt hard against my shoulders and hips, my joints felt stiff from the cold. June was still hot and damp, she moved to sit up, with one arm propping her up and the other hand going through her hair. She turned around gave me a grin, her damp fringe clinging to her forehead, “How long were we out?”, “Wish I could sleep a little bit longer”, she stifled a yawn before covering her mouth.

June turned to stand up, my gaze followed her, from her loose locks draped over her naked shoulder, flowing down to the small of her back. Bright daylight from the partially closed curtains projected on her skin, the fine peach fuzz hair creating a halo effect on her light olive skin. She had Venusian dimples above her bottom. I had always mused that men would go to war for her captivating behind. She padded around collecting various bits of small clothing on the floor, bending over to pickup her underwear, I noticed a milky white streak flowing down her left inner thigh. As if she read my mind, she took a tissue from the dresser, folded it twice and pressed it against herself, “I’m on the pill”, she said in a matter of fact tone. The milky streak on her olive thighs stirred something in me, I had to have her again.


Coming home

She was already wet when I reached down between her soft round behind. Her skin felt like silk and her scent was intoxicating. I clutched her waist and pressed her into me, drinking in her hair and nuzzling her neck. She moaned a little bit as I reached in a little deeper, my middle finger finding her and teasing her lightly along her wetness in a back and forwards motion. She lifted her behind and squirmed against me while welcoming me by parting her legs a little. I reached inside her tight fitting sweater, from the waist to her shoulders, my hand brushing by her skin, bra strap to her shoulder blades. She was a petit girl with with a dark, long, wavy mane. June always had an easy smile, she would always hold her gaze intently when listening to me, her large eyes taking you in her warmth. Pleasuring her, my wrist pushed down on her snug stretch jeans exposing more of her slightly tanned bottom. I desired her, it has been 2 weeks since I’ve seen her, kissing her deeply, her eyes closed, I looked at her slight frown. She tasted of strawberries, her lips were soft with her tongue dancing and twisting which mirrored her body. My other hand pulled and pinched her bra strap, freeing her from her constraint, my left hand pushing further in her wetness. My other hand came around from her back to her waist, reaching up and feeling her curves, fingers pushing away her lose bra and cupped her firm breast. I squeezed hard and could feel her erect nipple in my palm. She had a great body, curves just at the right places.

I freed a hand and stopped caressing her breasts to move down undone the buttons of my jeans while my fingers from my other hand was still slightly inside her, teasing her with a slow circular, in and out motion, exploring. She made it known that she wanted me by squeezing my hard buttocks and her other hand gripping and scratching my back.

I broke off our kiss and she let out a moan of wanting more, I grabbed her shoulder with one hand and turned her around, with the view of her shapely behind with her jeans clinging around her thighs, I became even more excited, I was very hard, the tip a dark red colour. Bending my knees, I guided my length towards her wetness, finding her and teasing her. June moaned and pushed back, wanting me to be inside her. I gripped her pelvic crest and pushed the tip inside her, she let out a loud moan and turned her head around towards me eyes closed, one of her hands touching my face and reaching behind my my neck, her other hand reaching between my muscular waist hard buttocks as if she was trying to pull me to be deeper inside her. I made her wait, I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction when she wanted. I pushed in a little to let her soft warmth accommodate the girth and to let her her dripping wetness lubricate me for what I was about to do. My hand reached around in front of her, my middle finger finding her swollen clitoris, my other hand cupping and pinching her nipple. June let out a desperate moan and squirmed against me trying to take in my full length. As much as I enjoyed teasing her, I was also at the point where I wanted her bad. Her cold bottom rubbing against my hips whilst kissing and tonguing her ear lobes, my hands stopped teasing her, firmly grabbing her pelvic crest and my other hand reaching up behind the nape of her neck, fingers first into her long locks, I pulled hard on her hair and thrust deep inside her.

She gave out a loud moan, I could feel her tight warmth wrapped around me firmly, pulling back my foreskin with every thrust. Her breath became faster and shorter, I then turned her around towards the wall while still deep inside her, she tiptoed around awkwardly and put her arms up against the wall. Making short, strong and deep thrusts, she whimpered loudly while I pounded her from behind, her body almost flush against the wall from the force. With her pinned down, she wasn’t going anywhare. I thrusted harder, her buttocks made a slapping sound against my thighs and hips. She whimpered loudly and I made my thrusts longer and harder, using all of my length, pounding deep inside her. She was also getting wetter with each thrust, my girth sliding in easily. June turned her head slightly towards me and said, “I’m, oh… I’m going to cum… don’t stop…”, I just pounded her harder, she could almost not speak but managed to utter, “Oh god, cum with me baby, oh baby… cum deep inside me”.

As if by her demand, I found myself at the point of no return, I maintained my rhythm, pounding her with deep and long thrusts, her moans became higher pitched, I sensed that she was near with the force she was clamping down on my hardness, a few more hard thrusts and she gave out a sharp moan, her body shuddered, hips shaking. Seeing her cumming and still pounding her to drive out her still ongoing orgasm, I felt myself no longer in control. Her legs started to give out, I pushed against her with my chest to steady her, left hand on her hips, right hand grabbing hard on her right breast, her nipple poking between my middle fingers. I grazed my chin on her shoulder, opening my mouth with the oncoming tide, I wanted to bite her, my sharp canines digging into her shoulders. In between her breath she whispered, “Bite me… you can bite me, it’s ok”. I opened my mouth wider, the four canines digging in her shoulder but I could not bring myself to bite her, instead I came, with deep thrusts, pounding her hips against the wall, coming really hard and feeling weaker with each thrust my legs started to give out. We collapsed to the carpeted floor together holding each other in an embrace.

After a moment has gone past, when we stopped kissing and our breathing has settled, she grabbed my hand and placed my hand on her pelvis and said, “You know this is why I only see you once every so often, I’m sore here, from when you were fucking me against the wall”. June touched lightly on her shoulder, where my canines left their mark. She didn’t say anything but looked at me and smiled, “I like it when I get you out of control, but good thing you didn’t bite really hard. I came so hard when you placed your sharp teeth on me, felt like you missed me a lot”, she said with a grin. I could not help but to smile back. “I did, well, just a little bit”. She looked at me incredulously and playfully tried to tickle me. I not that ticklish at all so I laughed lightly and returned the favor, she was incredibly ticklish and in between the uncontrollable fits of laughter, and fighting back she finally gave up, “No! please ! I surrender! please stop! Hahahaha!”. I stopped the sweet torture and hugged her. “You are so mean”, June said, as we both started to fall asleep.